“the intersperse curatorial collective”
anne o'callaghan, francesca vivenza and jocelyne belcourt salem, are Toronto based practicing artists who muse on stuff, language, art, politics and all of the in-betweens. Intermittently they come together as a curatorial collective.

For their first curatorial project, “Home Invasion” in 2004 they invited 25 artists to contribute a ten minute video. The works were installed in Vivenza's home on the Friday, opened to the public on the Saturday, and dismantled on that same Saturday night. The videos were installed in the washing machine, in the bedrooms cupboards etc. A Moment in time.

In 2006, 98 artists participated in you can't see “the forest for the trees” at the Lonsdale Art Gallery. While the 2004 project “Home Invasion” involved Toronto artists, artists from across Canada, the USA and Italy participated in “the forest for the trees”. “Home Invasion” was a twelve-hour exhibition, “the forest for the trees” showed at the Lonsdale Art Gallery in Toronto, and will travel next to Circolo Culturale IL Gabbiano, La Spezia, Italy in the fall of 2007.